Tuesday, December 1, 2015


13 seconds at an intersection in Fort Collins, Colorado
Umbrellas in Sarasota Airport
10 seconds at midnight on the Atlantic Ocean
Cannon and monument in Saint Augustine, Florida
Near Ayers Natural Bridge in Wyoming
A big, beautiful tree
A bookworm reads in an eclectic bookstore in Denver, Colorado
That sky, tho
Chairs and the exit on the roof of a hotel in Florida
Angelic poolside bistro
Divergent paths in black and white
Fireworks over the Punta Gorda harbor
A bone-chilling sight to find your name on a grave in a sub-zero blizzard
Miami lifeguard shack
Lonely chair
Fireworks after the baseball game
"Mystery Road" in Wyoming is 18 miles south of Douglas
A Russian church in North Port, Florida
Another Russian church in North Port, Florida... across the street
Observation deck on the SCF campus
15 minutes of a palm tree bathed in lights from the hotel
A palm tree at a hotel in Tampa, Florida
Xeriscaping in Fort Collins, Colorado
A colorful motel in Douglas, Wyoming
 Small woman looks at big fort in Saint Augustine, Florida.
 One of one thousand and one lakes in Winter Haven, Florida.


A "Super" selfie!
Mother of the groom relaxes the day after the wedding
Good evening, Deputy
She made such a grand entrance
Asked permission for a photo, had zero time to compose the shot to eliminate distractions
Hibachi table
Hibachi onion train trick
Break it up, gentlemen
A spark emits a momentary burst of light
Those are bad for you
The party doesn't start until Michael walks in
Florida relaxation
That right there's a shark's tooth
A street musician plays in Saint Augustine, Florida
Teenagers will be teenagers
Wine and cheese tasting party


Family with lunch and brews on my birthday
Christmas gifts
Who is comforting who?
Ah, sunset
Look at the sun, setting
Family on a bench
Family under the pier
Portrait at the bar: Cousins
Portrait at the bar: Cousins and children
Portrait at the bar: Siblings and spouses
Family portrait under a well-timed rainbow
Love facing the Atlantic Ocean
Mother and daughter
Sisters laugh,
and laugh,
and laugh!
Then they pose for a photo